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Live Chat for your Shopify business

With our live chat service, you can contact visitors and turn them into customers before they decide to buy elsewhere. Over 40% of people prefer live chat when shopping.

Customize to match your brand, see where your customers are coming from, and reach out to customers instantly to increase sales.

Power AI chatbots ready to use instantly with no setup

Save time and increase sales

Our AI powered chatbots handle all the most common service issues, so your support team can focus on the complicated ones.

Order status, handling returns, shipping information, product recommendations and more preconfigured instantly and fully integrated with Shopify.

But wait, there is more to come...

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AI Product

Serve product recommendations right from your catalog with the help of Maven AI.

Native Commerce

Customers complete purchases without ever leaving the conversation with our free companion app.

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Advanced Customization

Control the language and tone of the AI for all chatbot interactions.

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Voice Services

Customers can make a simple call to you completely for free, directly from the website.

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