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Integrating with Shopify is simple, takes minutes.

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Step 1

Download and register with Maven Business

Get the Maven Business app and register your business. Our team will review your business and follow up immediately.

Step 2

Install our Shopify Sales Channel App

Log into your Shopify store, and add our Sales Channel App. Register with the same email you used for Maven Business.

Step 3

Add your products to Maven

Select the Maven Messenger Sales channel that is now available under "manage availability" for all products. New products are added automatically!

Maven is proud to support unique businesses of all sizes and types.


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Why did you build Maven Messenger?

Keeping connected and engaged with your customers - new and old - requires constant effort and investment. We're doing things differently giving businesses real ownership of their customers and directly incentivizing them to succeed on with Maven Messenger.

So you can chat and shop?

Maven Messenger doesn't separate chat from selling, your products are part of the messaging experience. What it allows is for sales, care, marketing, shipping, etc to be in one place versus what we have today in the world which is website/app, to customer care/chat, to shipping/email, etc all that are not integrated.

We know how complicated and time consuming it can be to manage all these different tools your business uses. We designed the Maven platform with this in mind, and put finding customers, chatting and selling all in one mobile app.