Essential Plan

Let Maven WebChat help you deliver convenient and personable support experience for your customers to boost sales and customer satisfaction, all managed by you in an amazingly simple WebConsole through your Shopify store.

  • billed monthly
  • no credit card required
  • up and running in under 5 minutes


Unlimited Live Chat

Unlimited number of live chat conversations monthly.

Unlimited ChatBot Sessions

Unlimited number of chatbot conversations monthly.

AI-Powered ChatBots

Preconfigured support & sales chatbots at your fingertips. All included in your plan.

Manage Availability

Set your live chat hours of availability. When you are away, customers can leave a message and email so you can follow-up later.

Visitor Details

Get real-time insight into who you are chatting with, including pages viewed and past orders.

Share Product Catalog

Share your products with customers directly in the chat.

Email & Desktop Notifications

Receive notifications for new chats so you never leave a customer hanging.

Email Support

Receive customer support by contacting

Shopify Integration

Seamless integration with your Shopify store.

Social Connect

Manage Meta & Instagram direct messages directly in our console.


Prebuilt dashboard to help you improve your sales. Analyze engagements and see time & cost savings from our bots.

Mobile App

Chat with customers wherever you are using our mobile app.

Customizable Widget

Customizable chat window to match your brand.

Satisfaction Survey

Gather feedback on customer chat experience after they receive support.

Share Photos

Share photos directly within the chat.

What our customers are saying

"A few things I like most about Maven Webchat are the ability to customize the chat widget, the automation for customers to look up their order status, shipping questions, and the refund policy. This Webchat has helped to create a seamless experience for my customers and has improved their overall satisfaction with our company."
- Maven WebChat Customer,

What our customers are saying

"This app is wonderful so far. I like the fact that it’s easy to use and it fits with my website. It answers all of the questions for my customers."
- Maven WebChat Customer, Addict Fit