Maven WebChat
June 9, 2022

Worth My Investment

How much does Maven WebChat cost? Oh really? I’m not sure... 

We get it. The bottom-line is the most important part of running a successful business. Especially, if every dollar counts. However, chatbots are becoming a considerably important inclusion in business procedures. Customer service has many obstacles, but the return on investment for helping to make this effort more automated is invaluable. We agree with these customer experience pain points:

Source: happyfoxblog

Availability to your customers is key. Allowing the business owner to lean on the automations of the bot alleviates time restraints and provides customers “exceptional support to your human agents by being available round the clock.” Maven WebChat will offer the opportunity for business owners to decide the availability windows open to chat with customers, as much or as little as possible, which impacts return on investment (ROI) success.

Answering the same questions over and over can be burdensome, so Maven WebChat will focus on those more simpler quandaries in a more streamlined and quick manner, resolving issues and lending a hand to more purchases. “AI Chatbots easily take care of simpler and repetitive customer queries and customer needs” which is a vital component for building on your investment.

Having a successful chatbot experience creates satisfaction for the customer and that experience can dictate if the customer refers your business to another person. The power of persuasion and suggestion from previous customers, family, and friends undoubtedly can help bring more awareness to the business. “Providing accurate and instant insights into customers’ queries can create meaningful relationships and lead to profits through word of mouth.” We are adamant in always improving the WebChat experience here at Maven to help our businesses rally more external support.

Maven WebChat will continue to build on the notion of how suggestion helps to improve purchasing behavior for customers. Developing automations that offer discounts and product recommendations are assets for the customer experience, feeling connected to the business and incentivizing their desire to make a purchase which is why “ businesses are leveraging upselling and cross-selling strategies into their sales process more often today.”

Understanding and serving your customer create a relationship of trust, which in turn, helps this financial investment become valuable in the end.