Maven Messenger
September 1, 2021

What is Maven, and why is it different?

Business with Maven Messenger is better.

Maven is a free mobile messaging and commerce app platform. It transforms how people connect with the businesses they love with a simple, warm way to discover, chat, and purchase. We know that a personally engaging messaging and shopping experience better serves your customers, and we are investing in the businesses that join our platform.

Messaging & shopping make sense.

Maven is the only messaging platform that allows you to own a free unlimited communication channel with your customers. Maven empowers you to own your customer relationships with tools that focus on connecting your business and its audience in a meaningful way.

Some features include...

  • Unlimited free messaging to all your customers.
  • Broadcast text, products, photos & videos to all of your connections at once as often as you like.
  • Automated customer service updates, including shipping notifications and cart abandonment.
  • New customer connections with people who are actively shopping.

Maven is an alternative to "cold" sales channels and big tech ad machines like Amazon, Facebook, and Google. Instead, our platform aims to "warm" the cold world of e-commerce.

What is Warm Commerce?

Warm Commerce uses human communication to engage with consumers and help them see the person behind the products to form a personal, high-value relationship.

Our goal is to move digital shopping towards a truly organic experience that creates lasting relationships with customers.

Showcasing the incredible person behind the business creates a personal connection with shoppers. These relationships lead you to understand your customers' needs better.

Across the "cold" eCommerce landscape, users do not engage in a way that feels personal and genuine. Warm eCommerce engages consumers in a way that provokes an emotional experience. For example, 67% of customers say they would be more loyal to a human brand, and our platform makes it easy to humanize your brand.

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