Maven WebChat
June 7, 2022

Turning Attention to Web Chat

How It Works

Are you missing the small icon at the bottom of your website? By clicking on it, a whole new avenue of customer experience lies ahead. Business owners have an overwhelming plate of marketing, distribution, and accounting to take care of, aside from managing the needs of their customers. Well, that icon leads you into the world of web chat and it can significantly help with customer service and sales growth. Customers crave help that is fast and precise, and business owners may not have the time for the hands on approach needed. Integrating web chat can automate these customer interactions and Maven WebChat is an invaluable tool to do the heavy lifting. 

Limit Escalations

Maven WebChat can help capture which products or product pages customers have last viewed and we are working towards making automations as customizable as possible for your business. The importance of web chat cannot be prefaced enough as “42% of customers were found to prefer live chat as a means of correspondence with a business.” However, this tool is still underrepresented as “only a third of companies offer some form of self-service.” Maven WebChat is taking the feedback of customers and helping to improve how small businesses can function as addressed below.

Source: Zendesk

Business Owner Autonomy

Small business owners are balancing a myriad of hats that Maven WebChat itself can alleviate with more autonomy. Studies are showing that “Artificial intelligence is continuing to permeate organizations at all levels. Its driving success among high performing teams that are using AI to deflect tickets, reduce the time that agents spend on answering requests, and efficiently scale customer engagement.” Relying on questions being answered without escalation to a support agent can be a major make or break moment for businesses, as “the work that AI does frees up people for creative, strategic work.” Let Maven WebChat give you back the time you need to be forward focusing.

Aiding the Growth Mission for the Business

Inevitably, all businesses want to see in the end is a happy customer who makes a purchase. Boosting sales goals is key to staying in the green and Maven WebChat is part of the AI revolution as “it’s helpful for personalizing and scaling the sales process.” Reports show that web chat “is possible and proven to increase the conversion rate by a whopping 45%” and being able to trigger a customer to purchase while engaging through chat is a success story we are pushing businesses to be able to write for themselves.