Maven WebChat
June 6, 2022

The Future of AI and Mobile

Connecting On The Go

Business owners wish they could always be desktop bound, providing assistance to customers and managing all aspects of their company from one position. But, that is highly unlikely.

They are in constant flux, and much of overseeing their businesses has to be done on the move. That is where mobile access is imperative. Maven WebChat offers an opportunity for business owners to provide live chat to customers from their own mobile devices. From just their fingertips and sitting in the palm of their hands is an entry point for businesses to engage with a customer in real time and in any environment. As we look to the future, AI will continue to be the best way to deliver product recommendations, which Maven WebChat is working to provide this solution by understanding the behavior, interests, and shopping prowess of any individual in contact with the business and navigating the website.

We are aware at this point that “many brands may find that personalized and tailored shopping experiences can boost customer conversions.” With this knowledge, AI will be in a constant quest for improvement to “leave many opportunities for much more profound and much more conversational experiences with customers.” Maven WebChat is attempting to piggyback on this notion so customers can quickly have their needs met on the go without interacting with actual personnel. Anticipating their shopping interests is a work in progress we will not stop to nail down. We will continue to stand firmly behind this idea that “enhancing user engagement and business growth to improving the decision-making process, AI has significant capabilities to shape the user experience and revolutionize mobile app technology.”

The power is literally in your hands.