Push and Pull of Sales

Sales is a Pendulum

The Pull - Returns

With any sales practice, most business owners acknowledge that there are many ups and downs of running a business and capitalizing on sales with your customers.

The downs can be a myriad of issues, but one in particular is returns. When a sale goes sour and the customer wants to return a purchase, the fret has to do with losing out on that revenue.

Streamlining return requests can be cumbersome for small businesses and Maven WebChat has created an automation flow to help with passing on requests to the business.

The business will receive notifications by email and in the Maven WebChat WebConsole under the returns filter in the chat list to reach out to the customer to confirm the return method and verify any last details.

Although this a negative part of the sales process, a customer will feel compelled to continue shopping if there is an easy way to communicate with the business and have the process quickly resolved.

The Push - Free Shipping

Although a returned order can be disheartening, there is always upsell techniques to try to swing the customer back into purchasing another product from your store.

Customers usually are on the fence about a purchase when it comes to the shipping fees attached to an order. When you go to buy a product, there is an inevitable hesitation to go through with it when you see an added fee that increases the total amount of the order.

Who hasn't been there?

To make that final purchasing push, Maven WebChat offers a chatbot scenario to prompt the customer about free shipping if the customer hits a certain price benchmark in their cart. This helps to provoke the customer to search a little deeper for any other products to add to their purchase to overcome the shipping fee and this helps to boost the business' overall bottom line.

A business owner can create any shipping profile they choose in their Shopify account to hit the free shipping mark as high or as low an amount as they want, but in the end, will hopefully be able to push the customer one step closer to hitting the order button.

Another course correction for Maven WebChat is to make sure customers easily know where the business can ship to in order to hook the customer when shopping. By providing a clear and quick answer for shipping zones, the customer immediately can start shopping without any hesitation.

To counter any revenue loss, having shipping automations in place as seen above can be a fantastic tool to loop the customer into the shopping cycle without any further obstacle in place.