Maven WebChat
June 16, 2022

The Maven WebChat Program is live!

Have you tried our first foray into live chat? Maven is entering the world of chatbots and we would love businesses to welcome us on to their websites with our first chatbot experience. Our Product team is hard at work expanding the functionality and capabilities of the Maven WebChat reach, but in the meantime, you can service your customers with back and forth messaging to respond to any inquiries in real time.

The first step is to log into your Shopify store and look for the Maven WebChat app to add.

Next you will want to add the Sales Channel to your Shopify store.

The following screen will appear to take you through the steps to maneuver the onboarding process.

As you enter in your business details, create a logo to go on the chat window, pick an appearance color that aligns with your brand, and customize a welcome message when customers hover over the chatbot widget, you will be able to lean into a new communication tool to assist with your customer service needs.

Direct messaging with your customers is the first step in the Maven WebChat evolution and when you log back into your web console, which you will be directed to do after your onboarding is complete, you will be able to monitor open messages that require your attention.

Stay tuned for more developments from Maven WebChat!