Maven WebChat
June 8, 2022

How To Maneuver Through (Low) Traffic Jams

Not all business websites function at the level of Amazon’s shopping prowess with millions of visitors perusing the site for shopping needs. Sometimes, web traffic can be as low as tens to thousands over the course of an extended period of time. However, as much as we want to complain or feel sour about web traffic woes, we want business owners to believe they can still turn lemons into lemonade.

There are ways to combat web traffic so that sales can still occur. Not to toot our own horn, but first and foremost, a chatbot is a great way to assist a customer from question to sale, specifically with Maven WebChat. Engaging with the customer and converting them from shopper to purchaser is key to attracting online sales.

It is imperative to make sure your website is accessible and functional by mobile as well as desktop and to have a chatbot that works well with a smartphone. The percentage of sales taking place by phone in this day and age is growing significantly as we scope for products while out and about in our daily lives, as seen in this graph below.

Source: ArganoUV

Aside from running ads and having a presence via social media channels, it is invaluable to also make sure that the shopping taking place on the website is as efficient as ever. Product pages need to be as striking on desktop as they are on mobile. Being able to access imagery, product information, and shipping criteria is imperative to make informed and fast purchasing decisions, and if there is any troubleshooting needed, Maven WebChat, for instance, can be available for instant messaging feedback.

Finally, the checking out process should be streamlined as well to avoid any cart abandonment issues at play with easy and limited clicks needed to make the purchase, so no one is lost along the way. Maven WebChat can even provide discount incentives when chatting with customers directly.

Although low traffic can be seen as a curse, there are tactics to overcome any such obstacle.