Looking to the Future

Keeping an eye on what's to come

Maven WebChat is tirelessly at work brainstorming, developing, and taking into account feedback that will help to better prepare us for next year. Businesses are becoming more savvy in how they want to offer customers an experience when shopping that is easy and informational. Customers want to spend wisely while the economy teeters on a possible recession, so it is important that the shopping process be fluid.

Maven WebChat is focused on three important tiers in 2023 to make live chat and conversational AI easier for businesses and customers alike:

  • More customization of chatbots
  • More product recommendations aligned with shoppers’ preferences 
  • More intent matching to lessen escalation to a live agent

Maven WebChat is taking into account new developments we are seeing for next year in the industry to remain competitive with the wants and needs of businesses:

Chatbots acting as voice assistants

  • With the advancements in smartphone technology, more reliance on voice recognition is a trend to watch. Customers who do not want to type out responses or find themselves in immobile situations can use voice-enabled chatbots to help meet their needs. 
  • Customers rely on their mobile devices more and more, so with that “voice commerce and voice search are slowly gaining popularity” as well. 

Chatbots need to improve on intelligence 

Chatbots to continue to take the place of call centers

  • Chatbots will become more human-like” and play a key part in helping to discern customer inquiries without having to rely on call centers and long wait times for answers. 
  • To curb recession fears for businesses, chatbots are attempting to take the place of 1-800 processes to speak to someone directly on the phone which can drive down costs being spent on human customer care and “improve service, sales, and revenue.” 

Chatbots are recalibrating the payment process

More progress is looming ahead, and Maven WebChat is excited to be able to provide our businesses with more improvements to make their customer service more streamlined. As we wrap up this year and look to 2023, we will keep an eye on the trends ahead and assess all the feedback we can from our businesses.

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