$1 A Day To Keep Customer Issues At Bay

Maven WebChat is ready to join your customer service team

As business owners, especially ones who oversee a small team or manage their businesses independently, the most difficult aspect can be offering customers unwavering assistance and solutions in a quick manner. Striving to facilitate a positive experience at all times can be absolutely crippling. A customer service inbox filled to the brim with email inquiries, a customer support phone number that keeps ringing or fills with customer voicemails, return requests, complaints, it can all be too much.

Maven WebChat is available to join your team to reduce the costs required to pay another individual to supervise customer service issues and saves you time from having to manage all incoming problems. With no credit card required and an entire 30 days free, Maven WebChat provides businesses with an opportunity to see just how live chat and chatbots can make a difference in transforming customer success.

Maven WebChat Wins

A major value of Maven WebChat is being able to go live on a business website without having to do any additional coding actions. Once the onboarding process is complete, businesses can switch on the Maven WebChat chatbot and immediately all the features and automations will be ready to go without having to code anything yourself.

The focus of our chatbots is to make sure businesses can help their customers without always having to be hands on unless an issue is escalated to a representative. Many of our chatbots are specific to trying to answer a customer concern or providing an opportunity to boost or solidify a sale.

Cancelling and refunding an order that has not shipped

Adding and removing products from a cart

Requesting a return of an order no longer needed

Offering free shipping when shopping to finalize the sale

Providing feedback on a product to alleviate shopping confusion

And those chatbots are just the tip of the iceberg.

Maven WebChat provides features that help businesses manage not only customer expectations, but their own. Being able to handle customer support and observe just how many customers come across your chatbot and receive assistance can all be managed within Maven WebChat's WebConsole. Transparency on time saved and costs curbed can help business owners better direct their time and resources.

Manage your availability to be present for customers when best for you

View insights from customer engagement with Maven WebChat

Integrate all your messages from social platforms in one place

With other such capabilities available as well, businesses can provide customers with a supportive experience.

Once the free trial has expired, businesses can decide if they wish to subscribe to our Essential Plan. For just $29.99 per month, there is no other platform available in the live chat and conversational AI marketplace that can offer all these assets at such an affordable cost. Looking at the expense more broadly, for less than a $1 a day most months, business owners are freed from being bound to their customer service responsibilities or having to pay for another employee to join the task force to oversee the same areas Maven WebChat can cover instead. Economic relief is a major pain point for businesses, especially smaller businesses, so our main goal is to provide sales and service success without having to dig deep into the wallet.

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