Maven Messenger
July 20, 2021

Fixing a Shopify Publishing Issue

Once you complete installing and connecting the Maven Messenger Sales Channel, you have to select what products we should include in your catalog in app. After selecting products, the sales channel app reviews each product to make sure it meets Shopify's requirements.

For a product to be published through a sales channel it must include:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Price
  • Image
  • Availability (Stock)

If a product fails to meet the requirements, our Sales Channel will show you exactly what went wrong so you can fix!


Homepage Publishing Notification

The first place you will be notified that something went wrong is on the Shopify Admin homepage. Here you will see how many products did not meet the requirements to be published.

By clicking "View Products" you will be taken to the product editor.

Product Editor

Product Bulk Editor w/ Filter

Here you will see the products that do not meet the requirements to be published to Maven Messenger. Select one by clicking on its name to edit directly.

Fixing the Issue

Issue Feedback

Finally, on the right side under product status you will see a "Maven Messenger" menu. Click the menu and it will open revealing what the issue is that needs attention.

Once you add or update the missing information, save your product. We'll instantly review and publish it within the next few minutes.

That's it you're done!