Efficiency and Savings: How In God We Must Utilized AI Chatbots and Maven WebChat to Cut Costs and Streamline Customer Support

In God We Must is an e-commerce trendy clothing and accessories brand. The company has been using Maven WebChat to provide their customers with user-friendly customer service via chat, and reduce the time their live agents spend handling customer support questions.

We examined the impact that Maven WebChat has had on their business over a one-month period (December 2022), and have seen promising results.

In 30-days, 203 In God We Must customers had a conversation using the Maven chat on their website. Of these 203 conversations, 176 were handled exclusively by the Maven chatbots, no live agent interaction needed, answering questions related to order status, first-time customer discounts, and more. 27 of these conversations were escalated to a live agent for further assistance. The chatbots resulted in costs saving of $581 for the brand, and extensive time-savings for the customer service team. 

87% of customer chats were handled exclusively by the Maven chatbots, with no human agent interaction.

In God We Must also uses the Maven WebChat customer feedback bot that asks customers to rate their interaction with the chat platform at the end of their conversation. The company received 33 positive thumbs up out of 36 total satisfaction ratings! Some customers shared additional feedback about their chat experience as well, including “quick response”, “answered by question right away with ease” and “Fast and direct contact and information. Plus very courteous!” 

Maven WebChat provides a convenient and quick way for customers to get assistance, through both AI-powered chatbots and connecting customers with a live agent, getting questions resolved efficiently, and this positive impact is shown through their customer feedback. 

In God We Must’s head of customer support said “in most cases the AI feature was useful in cutting down on live agent responses…prompts and responses from the AI bot very clear and helpful for answering most of the customer's questions.” 

See for yourself how Maven WebChat can help you save costs, save time and boost customer satisfaction with our 30-day free trial for your Shopify store.