Maven WebChat
June 8, 2022

eCommerce Goes Robotic

Not to belittle the point too much, but more and more statistics are showing just how improved business relations can be with a chatbot secured on your business website. As more consumers are turning to their phones or computers for shopping assistance, it is imperative to be as helpful as you would be if they took the time to visit your store. Brick-and-mortar locations are taking a hard hit by online shopping and eCommerce is a wave with no end in sight. For instance, a “Juniper Research study found that by 2023, 70% of all chatbots will be serving retail brands and will generate $112 billion in transactions.” With that type of accumulation of profits, it is no wonder Maven has been hard at work to give our valued brands a leg up in the competitive world of eCommerce shopping.

With Maven WebChat (and the myriad of competitors in the field), live chatting is a main focus for building relationships with our small business clientele to, in turn, help them build relationships with their consumers and reinforce brand loyalty. But, you can only do that if the chatbot is working on all cylinders. It is noted that “U.S. consumers say they are willing to spend 17% more with companies that provide excellent service.” Every sale is important, we know that, so why miss out on one more additional opportunity to strike a sale with consumers if the service they are being provided is not as quick, easy or efficient as they would have hoped to feel afterwards. One more sale can be the difference between your revenue reporting being in the green or not for the month.

Even returns can be an opportunity to satiate the needs of the consumer while offering another product recommendation or discount towards a next purchase to keep the consumer engaged while interacting through the chat service. “Over 30% of all products ordered online are returned” which is a huge number to counteract with positive customer experience and evaluating how quickly that return can be turned around into a secondary sale. 

While a customer is messaging directly with the chatbot, Maven WebChat to be exact, there is always an incentive that be offered to help push the customer one step closer to purchasing or returning to the website. Offering the discount within the chat experience can “increase the chances that your offer will be seen versus sending yet another promotional email that can end up in the trash or in spam.” There are so many emails flying around nowadays by businesses which are accidentally ending up in a spam folder a customer does not regularly check, so that transparency is key to increasing sales, improving revenue, and expanding your customer base.

eCommerce is here to stay, and chatbots are going to be leading the initiative.