June 1, 2021

Earning Incentives with Maven Messenger

We're committed to the success of all the businesses that join our platform. One of the ways we support them is by spending our marketing dollars to directly to benefit the business and their customers.


In one tap you will be ready to invite customers and earn incentives.

You can create a special link in the Maven Business app which is used to invite customers to join and shop with your business. Every customer who joins using this link will receive an automatic discount on their first in-app purchase with your business. Every two weeks, you will send us an export of orders that used this discount. We will pay you back the full discounted amount!

☑️ Add products ➡️ activate campaign ➡️ share link ➡️ earn incentives for every customer. Let's break it down...

Step 1: Adding product(s) to Maven Messenger

If you haven't already, please make one or more products available to the "Maven Messenger" sales channel.
We have a complete tutorial available if you would like some help completing this step.

Step 2: Activating your invite campaign

Maven Business - Main Navigation

Using the main navigation in Maven Business, select the "invite your customers" option. You will be presented with an option to "Activate" your campaign. Tap "Activate" and you are done! Here is an overview what we did...

  • We created a unique Maven Messenger only discount code in Shopify.
  • We generated a special invite link & code in Maven.

Step 3: Invite your customers

Example Invitation Link Page

You now have two ways to invite customers to connect with you to shop & chat on Maven Messenger. These invitations connect customers with you directly and apply the special discount we created.

  1. Invite link: Copy and share the invite link. Customers will register their mobile number, download Maven Messenger, and instantly be connected to a business conversation with you.
  2. Invite code: Anyone who downloads Maven Messenger can use the business invite code during registration to also instantly connect with you in app.

Step 4: Discounts & Incentives

Any customer that joins Maven using one of your invitations will enjoy a discount that is automatically applied to their first purchase. Maven will pay you back for 100% of the discounted value! It's our way of directly supporting the brands that join our platform.

Some notes to get the most out of the discount program:

  • The discount is automatically applied during checkout during the "select shipping" step
  • It's only available to new Maven customers and will only work if they download the app using one of the invite options.
  • All purchases must be greater than $0, including shipping costs.
  • The in app link is generic, if you reach out to us we can customize it with your logo and products!

Step 5: Receiving Payments from Maven

As soon as you are live and inviting customers our Success team will send over a vendor agreement to formalize our partnership. Every 2-4 weeks, we'll review all the orders that occurred on the platform with you and we will pay you back for all applied discounts via wire transfer. We'll work in out a plan that best suits your needs as a business.

If you have any questions at all you can always email us and we will be happy to go over any questions you have.