Maven WebChat
June 2, 2022

Does the Virtual Agent Understand Me?

As we look to the future of AI and chatbots, we have to continue to explore how to best improve technology to avoid pitfalls and roadblocks that customers may come up against. Most specifically, how do we avoid the customer asking a question or providing a response that is technically “off book” and the bot gets trapped in a loop of its own demise? The bot would provide the same prompt over and over and lose the interest of the customer as seen in the example below from our LivePerson blog:

Source: LivePerson

Maven WebChat has created a conversational flow that if the bot hits a blockade with the customer, after a couple attempts to understand the nature of the customer’s request, it will immediately usher the customer to the support agent and a live member of the business will take over. The downfall of a customer experience is when a shopper runs out of patience and clicks out of the conversation altogether. Stopping that action from happening is imperative and a constant source of improvement within the AI industry.

On the product end, the focus is always on reinforcing the "progressivity" of the interaction between customer and bot, or ”when speakers continue the action of a conversation by answering questions or completing tasks.” We are diligently trying to make the flow of the interaction as streamlined as possible and making the WebChat bot just as smart as a human agent. In the end, what matters most to us is making sure the dollars you spend on Maven WebChat offer you back the gift of time, so business owners do not have to be a constant source of support to customers unless truly needed.