Discount to Drive Sales

Can a discount help with selling?

The answer can be abundantly clear when you are building customer engagement and sales revenue.

Most new businesses are fixated on traction:

Are customers visiting my website?

Are customers clicking on products?

Are customers using the Maven WebChat chatbot to ask questions *wink wink*?

The next big hurdle once customers are through the door is how do I sell to them? Like any good brick and mortar store, the success comes from a customer leaving with a purchase in their hands. Why not provide a discount to rally that purchase. Indecisiveness is always the achilles heel of the purchase cycle.

Maven WebChat now offers an automation for a discount code to be used by new customers who come to visit a business' website.

First, the welcome message will change for the chatbot when a customer searches on a product page.

Once you click on the chatbot icon, an automation will appear to address the new customer and ask if they are interested in a promo code. I can only assume the customer will want one, so the automation flow continues based on the answer chosen by the customer.

The customer will receive a discount code to use at checkout, and even the smallest of savings can help keep money in their pockets, but a sale you might not have otherwise received. The customer can decide to return to continue shopping with your business just from having both an easy time navigating your website and from the engagement Maven WebChat provides.

When in doubt over what can help improve your sales revenue, a discount can be the last effort needed to push the customer over the proverbial finish line.