Maven WebChat
June 10, 2022

Customer Service Handling by Maven WebChat

Automations to become available soon

The major appeal of investing in Maven WebChat would undoubtedly be the customer service engine that is now revved up and ready to drive the customer experience in a more positive direction. Handling the needs, concerns, and questions of the customer in a succinct and timely manner can be extremely difficult. As much as you want to give each customer to your website the most personalized service on the phone or by email, there are many other moving parts that business owners need to tend to, and this is where Maven WebChat automations come into play. Below are areas covered by the bot to give the business owner the gift of time while still connecting to the customer.

Order status

Customers who are returning to the website can chat directly with Maven WebChat to obtain insight into the status of their order. We all know how diligent customers can be in knowing where their package currently stands, and by providing the order number and zip code associated with the purchase, the bot can pull up the tracking information quickly, so the customer is able to feel comforted with a specific timeline and expectation for the products’ arrival.


Incentives are a great way to invite customers to shop with your business. You are able to dictate the terms of the discount as a monetary amount or percentage off the full purchase as a way to thank a customer for visiting your website, showing appreciation if they have made a previous purchase, or spark an initial back and forth between the customer and Maven WebChat bot.


An unfavorable inevitability of the shopping experience is the dreaded return of a product. Customers are always seeking a direct answer to the “how do I make a return?” question that haunts all business owners. A great automation as part of Maven WebChat is providing the terms of how to make a return and timeline to receiving the refund when the customer chooses this option. This rapid help could also be a great lifeline for getting the customer to try shopping again with your store. 


When is my purchase arriving? The Maven WebChat bot will be able to provide customers with their tracking information and shipping link with overall guidance on shipping timeframes. Having this information at their fingertips helps customers out of the dark and into the light of trusting your business protocols.

NPS Score

A satisfactory customer experience is vital to sustaining a business and motivating returning customers. Utilizing Maven WebChat to avoid long wait times on the phone or hoping to hear back from a business by email within 24 to 48 hours can be a make or break for the customer supporting your business. We all know how time is precious, so when a conversation is complete with the bot, a customer will receive a customer satisfaction prompt, or Net Promoter Score, which can easily be answered. The survey results will provide the business owner with a NPS score visible on their Web Console so that they can see which areas to improve and which ones are succeeding.

Many more developments are on the way, so please stay tuned!