Maven WebChat
June 6, 2022

Check Out Some Checking Out Tips

As much as we appreciate customers who come to visit a business’ website, interact with product pages, and spend time browsing around the interface, the real goal to achieve is the customer making a purchase before leaving the website. Throughout the checking out process, there are elements to be aware of that can help or hinder the experience for the customer.

Source: ChatBot

With “the average cart abandonment rate around 65%,” business owners can help make purchasing more simplified by offering a guest check out option rather than enforcing a mandatory account creation feature. Privacy fears can sometimes act as a roadblock for customers. Another catch that customers contend with is having to provide a phone number. Either you can make this optional, or if you want the phone number for SMS messaging or promotions, it is best to have a hover over feature that notates what the phone number would be used for if not just for potential delivery issues.

In terms of overall product information, providing customers with multiple product photos, details on the product’s features, and an opportunity for live chat support can counter any interruptions to customers following through with their purchase.

Maven WebChat will be a great outlet for customers to ask about refund and shipping protocol questions before clicking on the final step of the purchase, so having automations in place that quickly field those concerns can push customers over the finish line.