Maven WebChat
June 7, 2022

Chatting with Personality

A common question posed within the AI sector is the idea around personality. Does a customer react more considerably to a business that has defined branding or does the customer just want to find the shopping experience explicit and quick? To each its own, of course, but a mix and match of personality and streamlined assistance can be beneficial to the customer’s journey with the business.

For Maven WebChat, the automations we will have in place tend to rely on a robotic-like nature of getting immediate feedback and information that is requested by the customer. Avoiding any delays or confusion can help bring back one more returning customer down the line or just one more life line to get that additional sale. However, we want the business owners to be able to share in some personality efforts as well by creating their own “Welcome Message” when branding their chat window. It is a first foray into the business that can be customized along with the color scheme and logo. As we move along in developing the Maven WebChat experience further, we appreciate further feedback from businesses who may want us to create more personable aspects of the automation process as well. The journey to improvement never ends.

In the case where a question needs to be escalated to a human agent on the business side for more clarity, this is another wonderful opportunity to bring a warmth and personality to your messaging with the customer. What may have come off more stoic with the chatbot, you can create a secondary experience with the customer where instant chatting can be friendly, fun, and formative for building a returning business relationship. Including these personable opportunities within the chat experience are vital aspects to consider when running your business and partnering with Maven WebChat’s current capabilities.