Boosting Customer Satisfaction and Cost Savings with Maven Webchat: A Case Study of is a B2C e-commerce business specializing in pet supplies. Recently, the company decided to try out Maven Webchat in order to provide a user-friendly chat platform to improve their customer service. The business had tried other market-leading chat customer support apps in the past, but wasn’t satisfied.

During their 1-month trial period with Maven WebChat, saw positive results, quickly. In 30-days, 59 site visitors started a conversation using the Maven chat window, and 46 of these conversations were handled exclusively by the Maven chatbots, no human interaction needed. 13 customer chats were escalated to a live customer service representative for further assistance. The accumulated time-savings by the chatbots resulted in cost savings of $152 for the brand in just a single month. 

78% of customer chats were handled exclusively by the Maven chatbots, with no human interaction needed. 

Maven WebChat also has a customer feedback bot that asks customers to rate their interaction with the chat platform at the end of their conversation. The company received 13 positive thumbs up out of 15 total satisfaction ratings - not bad! Their customers were clearly satisfied with the live chat and chatbot experience they received though Maven WebChat. 

The company's owner shared their review of Maven Webchat on the Shopify app page, stating that they were extremely impressed with the platform. They found that “the interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate, which has made it a breeze for my team to use as well as for our customers.” The brand’s owner likes the ability to customize the chat widget and the automation for customers to look up their order status, shipping questions, and the refund policy.

The owner also praised the customer service of Maven Webchat, stating “Overall, I highly recommend Maven Webchat to any business looking to improve its online customer service. It has exceeded my expectations and has quickly become an invaluable tool for my company.”

Chatbot time-savings resulted in cost savings of $152 for the brand in one-month. 

See for yourself how Maven WebChat can help you save costs, save time and boost customer satisfaction with our 30-day free trial for your Shopify store.