Setting Operating Hours with Maven WebChat

Manage your business hours of availability for Maven WebChat directly in the WebConsole.

Set your availability hours schedule to let customers know when you are away so they know when to expect a response from a live agent.

When operating hours are set, agents will not receive notifications for new messages outside of their scheduled available hours.

How does manage availability work?  

  • Manage your operating hours via the “Manage Availability” section in the WebConsole settings.
  • Set the away hours for each day independently.
  • Set your time zone so that the Bot recognizes your timezone when displaying the away message to customers that want to be escalated to a live agent.
  • Mobile push notifications will be paused outside of your available hours.
  • Bot-handled conversations will not be impacted. Bots can handle inquiries 24/7.

Away hours message

When your availability status is set to away, customers will receive an away hours message in the chat when:

  • A customer opens a chat for the first time, during off-hours, and tries to get escalated to a human agent.
  • A customer sends a message in an open conversation with a live agent.

The bot will let them know you are away and ask for their Email, Name and an Inquiry Summary, so you can follow-up with them via email when you are back.

Setting your availability

Go to WebConsole Settings > Manage Availability

  1. Select your timezone
  2. Toggle button to ON for each day of the week to set available hours (purple = on).
  3. Select which hours you are available via Start and End time drop-down selections for each day of the week (click the +add hour range button to further customize available hours within a day).
  4. When you are finished, click Save.

Default operational hours are:

  • Monday - Friday: 9 am to 9 pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: 9 am to 5 pm
Toggle button to ON for each day to set available hours (purple = on).
Click +add hour range to further customize your hours within a day.

Leave A Message (outside of operating hours)

Customers can leave a message for the business when they away so that they can be contacted at a later point.

The bot will ask for the customer's name, email and a message and pass this information onto you, so that you can follow-up with them via email directly through the WebConsole.

Following-up with customers via email

To view messages requiring follow-up in the WebConsole chat list, select the 'Follow-Up: Away' filter.

Businesses will also receive an email notification for new messages received while away that require agent follow-up.

Email notification for new messages that require follow-up.

Viewing away messages in the WebConsole

In the WebConsole chat list you can view chats requiring your attention and follow-up by selecting the following filters:

  • 'Follow-Up: Away'
  • 'Open' and 'Closed' for Conversation Type

A mail icon flag appears next to chats requiring email follow-up.

Replying via email

  1. Click on the flag > select 'Answer via Email'
  2. Your default email client will open with a draft email with the customer's email, name & inquiry pre-populated.
  3. Type a reply and send.
  4. Once you reply via email, the conversation is resolved. The mail icon flag will be removed, and the conversation will now live in the 'All Conversations' filter view.
A mail icon flag will appear indicating an email follow-up is required.
Click the mail icon on the chat to directly email the customer from the WebConsole.