Sharing Products and Images Via Chat

Share products directly from your catalog, as well as images (videos for desktop and mobile app are to come but included here for an overview) with customers directly in a chat conversation. You can share these via the WebConsole on desktop and in the Maven Business mobile companion app.  

Sharing products from your catalog 

Whether a customer is asking for a specific product or for a recommendation, share products directly from your catalog. 

All products that are published to your online Shopify store are available for a business representative to share with a customer in the chat. Product information is synced, so the structured content and product card display the correct product image and shipping banner. 

Select the + icon in chat field -> select 'Share a product'
Select product to share
Share product link with customer

Sharing Photos (and videos which are to come)

Share images and video content with customers from the WebConsole and Maven Business mobile companion app. 

Simply select “Image or Video” within the chat, and any supported media type can be selected.

Supported media types include:

-> Image: JPG, PNG, JPEG, GIF, HEIC (Maximum file size 5 MB)

-> Video: MOV, MPEG (Maximum file size 5MB)

Select the + icon in chat field -> select 'Share a photo or a video'
Pick photo or video to share
Share with customer
Share Product and Images in the Maven Business mobile app
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