New Customer Welcome Discount

Can I provide new customers with a welcome discount automatically?

The answer is yes! When a new customer visits a product page, we have set up an automated bot welcome message that offers them a 10% discount code for new visitors.

Remember: A discounted purchase can be the difference between a sale and a customer who decides to shop elsewhere.

How is this discount code created?

When Maven WebChat is installed on your website, we automatically create a 10% discount code for your Shopify store that will be shared with your new visitors via the chat window. (See below for information about viewing this code & how to remove it if you wish to).

When visiting a product page, a welcome message will appear offering a special offer for new customers.

How Does the Customer Get the Discount?

When a new customer clicks on the chat window icon, an automation will occur to take the customer through one step to receive a promo code.

How do I see this discount in my Shopify settings?

To search for the discount in your Shopify store, head to the admin page and click on Discounts on the left side panel to view more details.

You will see a discount code and details available

When you click on the discount, you can see that the code is tied to Minimum Purchase Requirements, Customer Eligibility, and Maximum Discount Uses.

We recommend NOT altering any of the details here to keep the discount code in tact and avoid any issues.

Can Maven WebChat share other discount information with customers?

Yes! If a customer has a general question about discounts, Maven WebChat has an automation that will pick up on key words (discount, savings, etc) that will direct the customer to speak to the business directly.

Maven WebChat works to give the customers the answers they need when shopping, while still connecting the business to the customer in an effective way to create an invaluable relationship.

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