Insights and Analytics on Maven WebChat

📊 WebConsole & Mobile App Analytics

Maven WebChat Insights provides you with key conversation metrics to help you assess and understand how Maven WebChat is performing for you.

The Insights panel provides you with high-level metrics on conversations, engagement, time saved by the bots, as well as estimated cost savings generated by the bots. 

View your Analytics on the desktop WebConsole or in our mobile companion app.

Accessing Insights 

In the WebConsole > Click the Graph icon on the left hand panel. 

Understanding the Metrics

Total Conversations

Total conversations during this time period.

Bot Conversations

Number of bot managed conversations.

LiveChat Conversations

Number of live chat conversations.

Engagement Rate

Percentage of website visitors that used Maven WebChat.

Estimated Cost Savings

Estimated cost savings on customer service with Maven WebChat through the bots handling conversations. 

Insights Panel FAQ

  • Adjust the timeframe to view metrics using the dropdown on the top left under the Insights header. 
  • Hover over each metric for a tooltip explanation.  
Adjust timeframe & hover-over tooltip explanations

Customer Feedback Panel

Gain insight into how customers feel about their experience with our customer feedback chatbot.

Our customer feedback chatbot will automatically ask customers to rate their experience at the end of their conversation.

  1. Rate your overall satisfaction with the service you received today with a thumbs-up or thumbs-down (👍 👎)
  2. Can you tell us more about why you gave us that rating?

Mobile App Analytics

View your Analytics in our mobile companion app by tapping the graph icon.

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