How do I invite my customers to join Maven?

With Maven Messenger you can invite customers to join the platform while offering them a discount, a discount that we pay you back.

We will provide you a special invite landing page link, and invite code in app that you can share with anyone who wants to connect and shop with you. These customers that joins using this special link will enjoy the Maven special discount that you will be paid back for in full.

Getting started:

  • "Activate" your promotion in the Maven Business App to get your special invite link
  • Maven creates an exclusive discount code through Shopify
  • Share the link publically, customers will join using the invite link
  • We automatically apply the discount to their first order
  • Every 2-weeks, we count up orders and pay you back the discount

Best Practices

  • The invitation discount will only apply to a customers first in-app purchase for your shop,
  • The discount will only work if they download the app using the dedicated link.
  • Customers will see the discount applied during checkout, at the time they select shipping method
  • All orders on Maven have to be greater than $0 including shipping in order to be completed

If your customer has an issue, please do right by them and maintain your customer relationships by either:

  • Creating a promo code in your Shopify store to keep on hand for such issues (such as Maven25)
  • Crediting them the $25 via a partial refund
  • Record the order number so we can pay the incentive

While rare, keep a log of these instances and report to your success contact so we can review.

If you would like more detail you can read about in depth here.

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