Free Shipping Upsell Automation

Maven WebChat helps you capture sales and increase order value by highlighting your free shipping policy with our Free Shipping Upsell chatbot automation.

Automatically let your customers know how to qualify for free shipping while they shop. This simple nudge from our chatbot is a proven way to drive customers to spend more so that they get free shipping.

How does it work?

After adding a product to cart, our bot will send a message in the chat window to let your customers know if free shipping is available, and how they can qualify for it at checkout. 

As long as you have an option for free shipping over a minimum order amount setup in your Shopify admin settings, the free shipping upsell bot will start working on your website right away.

There is zero setup needed by you.  

See it in action 👇

Read more about customer affinity for free shipping in our blog post

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