Email Notifications

Enable your email notifications so you never miss a new customer message.

Our notification system will send you an email within five (5) minutes of receiving a new message and summarize the number of unread chats you have.

You will receive email notifications for:

  • New message from an existing live chat with a customer.
  • New chat is escalated to you from the bot.

We only do this one (1) time per unique unread conversation per 5 minute period, so if for any reason a conversation is left unread, you will not be spammed with notifications.

How to enable email notifications

-> Click on ⚙️Account Settings (bottom left icon in WebConsole)

-> Click on Notifications

-> Toggle Email Notifications to ON (purple)

📥 Tips on email notifications

To ensure you receive all email notifications, please add "" to your contact list.

Once added, our emails will always be delivered to your Primary tab.

Emails not received by your primary inbox can be moved there manually. Once doing so, all future email notifications will be delivered to your Primary inbox tab.

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