Mobile App (Chat on the Go)

Introducing our new Maven Business mobile companion app.

The Maven Business mobile app is a companion app for Maven WebChat allowing you to take your conversations on the go. It’s designed to let you quickly respond to customer inquiries on your mobile device, no matter where you are.

How can I get and use the app?

You can download the mobile app from your app store:

  • iOS users: Download from the Apple mobile app store  
  • Android users: Stay tuned! Currently, the Maven Business mobile app is only available for iOS. 

Logging into the App

To log into the mobile app, use your email associated with your Maven WebChat account. Make sure you have completed the Maven WebChat onboarding process and installed the app on your Shopify website.

Turning on Notifications

Check your iOS settings to make sure notifications are turned on for the mobile app. 

Settings > Notifications > Maven Business inside your Apple device settings.

If you forget to set your notifications, there will be a pop up screen in the mobile app to remind you to do so to better manage customer expectations.

You will receive a mobile push notification for new messages from customers. 

Same as the desktop notifications, you will only receive notifications for: 

  1. New messages from customers you are having a LiveChat with.  
  2. A new customer chat is escalated to you from the bot. 

You will not receive notifications for conversations being managed by our ChatBot.

Important note - You must exit the desktop WebConsole browser page when you want to receive mobile notifications for the mobile app, otherwise, push notifications will NOT be sent to your phone.

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