Customer Satisfaction Survey Chatbot

Our post-conversation customer satisfaction survey will give you insight into how customers feel after they receive assistance from your live agents and the Maven WebChat chatbots.

🤔 Don't be left wondering how your customers feel about their experience with our chatbots and your agents.

Our customer satisfaction chatbot will automatically ask customers to rate their experience and provide feedback for their rating at the end of their conversation. 

  1. Thumbs-up or thumbs-down rating (👍 👎) - Rate your overall satisfaction with the service you received today (👍 👎).
  2. Option to provide additional feedback - Can you tell us more about why you gave us that rating? 

Results from this survey are visible in your WebConsole Analytics panel.

Post-conversation survey


Access survey results in the Maven WebChat Analytics panel

View the results of the customer satisfaction surveys at the bottom of your Analytics panel.

  • View a tally of customers' thumbs up or thumbs down ratings and feedback comments.
  • Alter the timeframe in the top left of the Analytics panel drop-down filter.
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