Customer Shopping Carts

Selling is the most vital part of a successful business.

If you are wondering how Maven WebChat helps to capture a sale that might take place as a customer shops your website, then you are in luck. 

Two automations take place when a customer adds a product to the cart. 

  •  When a customer adds a product, the widget will rotate with a new welcome message and when you enter the chat window, there will be a prompt asking the customer if they have any questions about the product. If they do, they can follow the automations and will be escalated to a live agent from the business who can help sell that product and capture a sale.
  • When a customer adds a product and decides to leave the website instead of continuing to shop, the next automation will take place upon the customer’s return. If the product is still in the cart when they come back, the widget will rotate again with a new welcome message, and when the customer enters the chat, a new prompt will take place. 
  • We remind the customer that the product is still waiting for a purchase and the conversation can be escalated to a live agent to turn that ambivalent customer into a confident shopper.
  • If the customer decides to remove the product and continue shopping, one more automation will appear to prompt the customer for assistance.
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