Connect to Social on Maven WebChat

Maven WebChat Offers Omnichannel Social Integrations

Easily manage all of your Facebook Messenger and Instagram direct messages all in one place, within your Maven WebConsole and Maven Business mobile companion app. All messages will appear in your Chat panel. 

Setting Up Social Connect

To integrate your Maven WebChat account with Facebook Messenger and Instagram, in your WebConsole, go to Settings > Connect to Social and click on the blue Configure button.

Then Connect to integrate your Maven WebChat with Facebook Messenger and Instagram.

Now you’ll see a pop-up window with the integration steps. Log into your Facebook account and choose the page you would like to integrate with Maven WebChat.

You’ll be asked about your Facebook page permissions on a page titled ‘What is LP on messenger allowed to do?’ 

Please ensure all permissions are enabled to Yes. All permissions are required for the integration to work properly.

Then Save changes.

A new pop up will appear that shows you are linked and you’re all set! Your social media account is now integrated with Maven WebChat.

You can follow the same steps to integrate your Instagram page directly with Maven WebChat as well.

If you run into any issues connecting your accounts, please reference the troubleshooting materials below or reach out to customer support. 

How To Check If Your Connection Works

To check your existing connection in the WebConsole, go to Settings > Connect to Social > Configure. Connected account will appear in pop-up window. 

How The Social Channel Integration Works 

New messages sent to you via Facebook Messenger and Instagram direct message will show up in your WebConsole chats. User names will match the social account name. 

You should also see icons next to each name determining if the customer came in from Facebook Messenger, Instagram, or through the flow of the chatbot.

Notifications work the same as your website chat window. You will only receive a notification for a new chat when the bot escalates the chat to a live agent. You can view all messages by filtering your Chat panel to ‘All Conversations’.

How To Disconnect

To disconnect your accounts, go to Settings > Connect to Social > Configure > Trash Icon

Troubleshooting Tips

Refresh webpage.

Try reconnecting from the start. 

If you still have issues, please reach out to customer support. 

Maven Business Mobile App

The mobile app will include icons next to the chat list as well to signify if the customer came in through Facebook Messenger or Instagram. We strive to carry over the same experience from the WebConsole to the companion mobile app for you to provide exceptional service wherever you are in the world.

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