Cancel and Refund Orders Automations

Cancelling an order before it is shipped can occur for customers who mistakenly purchased the wrong product, provided the wrong shipping address, or just changed their minds and do not want it sent.

Cancel Automation Available

  • Maven WebChat offers customers a quick way to get in touch with the business to make sure their order is stopped in time.
  • We have provided a flow that can help curb any unnecessary issues instead of the customer trying to call or email the business.
The customer can prompt the chatbot by asking to cancel the order
The customer can provide the order number for the purchase to help the process run smoothly. If the order number is not available, the customer can provide the email address associated with the order instead
The customer will be shown the order details to confirm and then prompted to provide a reason for cancellation
The customer will then be escalated to the business to speak directly about cancelling the order and taking next steps

Status of a Refund

  • Customers who have confirmed a return or cancellation of an order and now are looking for a refund or the status of one that has been processed can reach out to the business through the chatbot as well.
The customer can inquire about a refund status and the chatbot will ask for clarification
Once the customer clicks on the refund status option, the next automation will give a time range to receive the refund
If the customer needs more help, click Yes and provide the order number of the purchase. The customer will be connected to the business via escalation to ask further questions directly
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