AI Chatbots for Customer Support & Sales

AI-powered Chatbots 🤖

All of our bots come ready out-of-the-box, so there is zero setup on your end. Once you install Maven WebChat on your Shopify site, the bots will start assisting your customers immediately (24/7).

Our fully integrated chatbots are built to handle the most frequent customer support inquiries so you can spend your time elsewhere. We also have chatbots designed to help you boost sales, so you can drive conversions without you needing to lift a finger.

🤖 Chatbots for Service

Order Status Bot

  • Customers can easily track any order, instantly, without needing to speak with a live agent.

Returns Bot

  • Customers can easily start a return any time of day with our bot. You will see all return requests in our Admin WebConsole, so you can start processing them at your convenience.

Away Hours Bot

  • Once you set your hours of availability in our WebConsole, when a customer wants to speak with a live agent outside of your available live chat hours, our bot will ask them to leave a message and their email so you can follow up with them later. No customers waiting around when you are away.

Customer Feedback Bot

  • Our bot gathers feedback after every chat session so you can better understand how you’re doing and act on this feedback.

Cancel & Refund Bot

  • Our bot can help customers cancel an order before it has shipped if they purchased it by mistake or provided the wrong address.

🤖 Chatbots for Sales

New User Welcome Discount

  • Proactively incentivize new customers to make a purchase by greeting them with a 10% discount code. Maven WebChat automatically creates this code for your store when you install.

Upsell with Free Shipping

  • Automatically let your customers know how to qualify for free shipping while they shop after they add a product to cart. Increase order value by highlighting your free shipping offers.

Cart Abandon Bot

  • Our CartAware technology knows when someone adds a product to their cart, and more importantly when they abandon it. Our bots will proactively message these customers asking if they have questions about the product, removing any hesitation to purchase.

Shipping & Refund Information

  • Customers can quickly access important information regarding your shipping and refund policies without needing to chat with a live agent.
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