Adding Maven WebChat to your Shopify Website

How do I add Maven WebChat to my website?

Maven WebChat uses a Shopify "embed block" in order to add the chat window to your website. After installing the Maven WebChat Shopify app, you'll need to turn the app embed so visitors of your website will see the chat window.

Our app embed does not have any additional settings to configure. We keep things simple for you, you do not need to add, remove or reorder the app embed.

To activate Maven WebChat all you have to do is follow these short steps:

  1. Select the theme you want to edit by going to the Online Store > Themes section.
  2. Once you pick the theme you want to edit,  click Customize.
  3. Next choose Theme settings and open the App embeds tab.
  4. Select the Maven WebChat Widget or use the search bar to find the Maven WebChat Widget in your installed apps.
  5. Next to the app embed name, you'll see the toggle. Make sure it is switched ON (Blue).
  6. Finally, click SAVE, in the top right and that's it! You'll see the Maven WebChat invite appear where you configured it to show on your website.

Once activated the WebChat widget will be added to your theme globally and display on every page on your website.

If you ever want to remove the Maven WebChat window, all you need to do is toggle the app embed to the OFF position and SAVE.

If you have any questions, or need assistance you can always reach out to us via

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