New Customer Discount

Offer new customers a discount when they visit automatically.

Abandoned Cart Saver

Engage with customers that left something in their cart to save the sale.

Return Request Capture

We capture return requests so, you can easily see and manage with the Maven WebConsole.

Order & Shipping Updates

Simple fulfillment updates for your customer's orders, new or old.

and more...

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We're fully integrated with Shopify, so set up is simple and fast.

Step 1

Install the Maven WebChat for Shopify App

We designed Maven to be simple to join and use. No developers are needed to assist, and the chat window will be up and running in a few simple steps.

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Step 2

Add our app embed to your website

Enable the Maven WebChat widget on your website by turning on the app in your theme. Need help?

Step 3

Download the mobile business app

Once you're all set up, enjoy the convenience of managing all your customer conversations on the go with our Maven Business app for IOS.

Maven is proud to support unique businesses of all sizes and types.


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Customers love to chat


prefer to do business with a company if they could chat, rather than call.


prefer to do business in a personalized interactive way.


prefer chatbots for quick answers to common questions.

What our customers are saying

"A few things I like most about Maven Webchat are the ability to customize the chat widget, the automation for customers to look up their order status, shipping questions, and the refund policy. This Webchat has helped to create a seamless experience for my customers and has improved their overall satisfaction with our company."
- Maven WebChat Customer,

What our customers are saying

"This app is wonderful so far. I like the fact that it’s easy to use and it fits with my website. It answers all of the questions for my customers."
- Maven WebChat Customer, Addict Fit