Order Status Bot

Customers can track any order, instantly

Our order status bot identifies and updates your customers about any of their orders, new or old.

Fulfillment and shipping status is shared right from Shopify with no additional configuration needed.

Upsell with Free Shipping

Increase sales and order value by highlighting free shipping

Automatically let your customers know how to qualify for free shipping while they shop.

After adding a product to their cart, our bot let your customers know if free shipping is available, and how they can enjoy it.

Shipping & Refund Information

Quickly access important information

Automatically provide your customers with information about your businesses shipping and refund policies before having to chat live.

Cart Aware & Cart Abandon

Save sales and engage active shoppers

Our CartAware technology knows when someone adds a product to their cart, and more importantly when they abandon.

Our AI bots will chime in to make sure the customer doesn't leave without a chat with someone who can help first, removing any hesitation to purchase.

New User Welcome Discount

Greet new customers with a discount code

Proactively offer new customers a discount when they visit, incentivising their first purchase. The difference between a purchase and someone who decides to shop elsewhere.

We automatically create a 10% code for your store that our bot will share with new visitors.

Away Hours Bot

No customers left waiting around when you are away

When a customer wants to speak with a live agent outside of your available live chat hours, our bot will ask them to leave a message and their email so you can follow up with them later. 

Return Request Bot

Customers can easily start a return any time of day

Let our bot start the returns process for you with your customers. 

Once a return is started, you can easily see all return requests in the Maven WebConsole, so you can start processing the returns at your convenience.

coming soon...

What's next?

Provide all kinds of service without the effort

We're focusing on automating the most important customer service and sales experiences for you.

From product recommendations to customer satisfaction surveys, you'll get them all automatically as soon as they are available this year!

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