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Order Status Bot

Customers can track any order, instantly

Our order status bot identifies and updates your customers about any of their orders, new or old.

Fulfillment and shipping status is shared right from Shopify with no additional configuration needed.

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Shipping & Refund Information

Quickly access important information

Automatically provide your customers with information about your businesses shipping and return policies before having to chat live.

Avialable now

Cart Aware & Cart Abandon

Save sales and engage active shoppers

Our CartAware technology knows when someone adds a product to their cart, and more importantly when they abandon.

Our AI bots will chime in to make sure the customer doesn't leave without a chat with someone who can help first.

coming soon...

What's next?

Provide all kinds of service without the effort

We're focusing on automating the most important customer service and sales experiences for you.

From product recommendations to refunds, you'll get them all automatically as soon as they are available this year!

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Enjoy live web chat and all our chatbots as they are released.

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