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Step 1

Create Your Business Profile

Easily create an account for your business. Maven will guide you through our simple process to verify your business.

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Promote Your Business

Drive customers to download Maven Messenger through any sales channel. We make it easy to get connected.

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Share Products & Promotions

Easily chat with customers wherever you or they may be. Share and sell your products in the conversation.

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Why should your business use Maven?

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Free direct messaging. Anytime. Anywhere.

Maven makes business easier by connecting you with your customers.

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Customer acquisition powered by AI.

Your business will be recommended to relevant and engaged customers.

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Engaged meaningful connections.

Chat directly with active and engaged customers, both new and existing.

Enable transactions in conversation.

Showcase your products and let customers make a purchase while chatting.

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Does your business sell on Shopify?

Use the Maven Messenger Channel Shopify app to easily include and sell your products when chatting with your customers with Maven for Business.

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