Real conversations in real-time
Instant and unlimited

Live Chat for your Shopify business

With our live chat service, contact visitors and turn them into customers before they decide to buy elsewhere. Over 40% of people prefer live chat when shopping.

Customize the look to match your brand, and connect with shoppers instantly to increase sales.

New bots added monthly

Powerful AI chatbots save time and automate customer care

Better service means higher sales

Our pre-built AI powered chatbots handle all the most common service issues, so your support team can focus on the complicated ones.

Order status, handling returns, shipping information, product recommendations and more, fully integrated with Shopify.

Designed for shopify

No complicated installation or configuration

From zero-to-live in minutes

We designed Maven to be simple to join and use. No developers are needed, and in a few clicks you'll be up and running.

We're preloading and configuring all our features to work out-of-the-box. It's nice when things are easy, right?

Conversational AI Chatbots...

Order Status Bot

"What's going on with my order?!"

Our order status bot identifies and updates your customers about their order.

Fulfillment and shipping status is shared right from Shopify no configuration needed.

Shipping Policy &
Tracking Bot

"When will I receive my order?"

Automatically provide information about your shipping policy, while providing tracking links for in transit orders.

Order Cancellation &
Refund Handling Bot

"I need to cancel my order."

Managing cancelled orders is time consuming and disappointing. We handle the entire cancellation and refund process for you automatically.

coming soon

Order Management Bot

"I need to change my shipping address."

Mistakes happen, but they don't need to take up your precious time.

Our order management bot can automatically update shipping address, email, phone number and more before you fulfil the order.

Customer Feedback Bot

"I really appreciate the amazing service!"

Customers, we love them! Give them the opportunity to let you know how you're doing.

Our bot gathers feedback every chat session to better understand your relationship with your customers.

Maven business

Manage your customer conversations from anywhere

Our web console and mobile app make it easy to manage your customer conversations wherever, whenever you want.

Your customers love to chat


prefer to do business with a company if they could chat, rather than call.


prefer to do business in a personalized interactive way


prefer chatbots for quick answers to simple questions.

Web chat is just the beginning...

More powerful enterprise features designed just for Shopify are on their way.

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Omnichannel Support

Manage all of your customer conversations in one place.  Our Omnichannel Support platform connects with Meta, Instagram and more.

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Sometimes you just need to talk to someone. Customers can make a simple call completely for free, directly from your website.

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Lead Generation

Let us help grow your business with no-hassle lead generation at a fraction of the cost.